2005 WAIS Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, September 28, 2005    
2:00 to 6:00 Registration Floyd
7:00 Pizza, beer and snacks (cottage #1) Bindschadler
Thursday September 29, 2005    
8:00 Registration Floyd
8:30 Welcome and Agenda Review Bindschadler
8:45 NSF Remarks Palais/Borg
  Session #1. Ice Coring  
9:15 US ITASE Phase 2 Taylor Dome - South Pole Update and Opportunities [PPT] Mayewski


Signals of climate change and the Southern Annular Mode in Antarctic stable isotope records [Abstract] [PPT] Schneider
9:45 A new Deep Ice Sheet Coring (DISC) drill for coring to the bed at the WAIS Divide site [Abstract] [PPT] Bentley


ASEP-Coring [Abstract] [PPT] Alley
10:30 BREAK (30 min.)  


In Cold Pursuit: the Devious Designs of NSF Grantee W-218-M [Abstract] [PPT] Andrews


Poster Introductions (1-2 min. each)  


Poster Viewing (30 min.)  
12:30 LUNCH (1 hr. 30 min.)  
  Session #2. More History  
2:00 Glacial Geology of the Ohio Range, Antarctica: Constraints on Ice Elevation during the Last Glaciation [Abstract] [PDF] Ackert
2:15 Post-LGM evolution of Reedy Glacier, Antarctica, as an indicator of current ice sheet stability [Abstract] [PPT] Bromley
2:30 Evolution of Reedy Glacier from the last glacial maximum to present [Abstract] [PPT] Todd


Glacial history of the ridge between Mercer and van der Veen Ice Streams [Abstract] [PPT] Conway


Grounding-line incursion into the southernmost Ross Sea - a comparison of lower Scott and Reedy Glaciers [Abstract] [PDF] Stone


Can sulfate signatures in ice cores verify the source volcano? [Abstract] [PDF] Kurbatov


ASEP-Terrestrial Geology [PDF] Stone/Hall


BREAK (45 min.)  


Session #3. Accumulation  


Impacts of Accumulation Rate on Firn Properties [Abstract] Courville


Mapping accumulation rate by observing the characteristic time scale of microwave emission [Abstract] [PPT] Steig


Inferred accumulation and thickness histories near the Ross/Amundsen divide, West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Neumann


Influence of ice dynamics on firn layers in the WAIS [Abstract] [PPT] Gray


Snow Surface Height Change Induced by 2 Decades Surface Air Temperature Variations Over Antarctic Ice Sheet [Abstract][PPT-contact author] Li
6:00 Poster Viewing  
6:30 DINNER  
Friday, September 30, 2005    
  Session #4. Ice Dynamics  


WAIS Elevation changes estimated by the ICESat mission so far [Abstract] [PPT] Smith


Modeling of Negative Magnetic Anomalies Over the WAIS Partially Constrains Age of Sub-glacial Volcanic Activity [Abstract] [PPT] Behrendt


Discontinuous Sediment Cover and "Fast" Ice Flow: Observations from the Upper Reaches of Tributary C1B [Abstract] [PPT] Peters


Sediment transport and erosion, and water redistribution, on decadal timescales beneath Rutford Ice Stream [Abstract] [PPT] Smith
9:30 Control of ice stream stick-slip dynamics by frictional healing [Abstract] [PPT] Winberry
9:45 Radar Studies of the Trunk and 'Sticky Spot' of Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] [PPT] Jacobel


Subglacial conditions of inland West Antarctica from US-ITASE deep radar reflection analysis [Abstract] [PPT] Welch
10:15 BREAK (30 min.)  
10:45 ScITESEN - a scientific drilling traverse in West Antarctica investigating the influence of ice-ocean-lithosphere interaction on ice sheet stability, by direct means [Abstract] [PPT] Vogel


Integrating satellite observations with modeling: basal shear stress of the Filcher-Ronne Ice Streams, Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Joughin


Glacier changes in Pine Island Bay and the Antarctica Peninsula from Radarsat-1 2000-2005 [Abstract] Rignot
11:30 Pine Island Glacier Basin - we have the data, now what does it all mean? [Abstract] [PPT-contact author] Vaughan
11:45 The rough and the smooth: what the radar saw in PIG [Abstract] [PPT] Corr


Summary of the 2004-05 Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica (AGASEA) with preliminary results for the Thwaites Glacier catchment [Abstract] Holt


Boundary conditions on the Thwaites Glacier Catchment and Walgreen Coast of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from the AGASEA survey [Abstract] Young
12:30 ASEP-Ice Dynamics [PPT]  Anandakrishnan/Joughin
1:00 LUNCH (1 hr. 30 min.)  


Session #5. Ocean-Ice Interactions  
2:30 Interaction of the Great Sumatra Earthquake with an Antarctic ice shelf rift: Preliminary results from GPS and seismic observations of a rift on the Amery Ice Shelf 2004-2005 [Abstract] [PPT] Bassis
2:45 Subsurface melting on iceberg C16 (Ross Sea) [Abstract] [PPT 1 of 2] [PPT 2 of 2] [MOVIE] Sergienko


Icebergs Behaving Shelf-ishly: why wait for the Larsen C? [Abstract] [PPT] Scambos


Getting into the Zone: Ice Shelf Margins from ICESat [Abstract] [PPT] Padman


BREAK (45 min.)  


Grounding Line Zone Studies Using a Tethered and Well Instrumented ROV/AUV & The world beneath the ice shelves: Let's have a look! [Abstract][PPT] Scherer


IPY in the Antarctic Peninsula-Ice Shelves, Oceans, and Climate [Abstract] [PPT] Domack


ASEP-Ocean/Ice Interactions [Abstract] Holland/Jacobs
5:15 Poster Viewing  
6:00 DINNER  
Saturday, October 1, 2005    
  Session #6. Modeling  
8:30 Investigating feedbacks between basal sliding, frictional melting, and longitudinal-stress transmission [Abstract] [PPT] Price
8:45 Effects of anisotropy on ice flow at Siple Dome, West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Pettit
9:00 Wind-Blown Snow Infilling of a Rift in the Ross Ice Shelf [Abstract] [PPT] [MOVIE] Leonard
9:15 Recent Antarctic accumulation variability and trends from Polar MM5 [Abstract] [PPT] Monaghan


Numerical modelling of ocean-ice interactions under Pine Island Bay's ice shelf [Abstract] [PPT] Payne
9:45 BREAK (30 min.)  


Embedded Models: Application to the Ross Sea and Amundsen Sea Sectors, Retreat from LGM [Abstract] [PPT] Fastook 


Better Physics in Embedded Models: Iceberg arcing and Lake-surface profiles [Abstract] [PPT] Sargent


ice streams stop and start: numerical model interpretation of Ross Ice Shelf surface [Abstract] [PDF][MOVIE-contact author] Hulbe


Elevation Change Anomalies in West Antarctica - New Windows Into Dynamics of Subglacial Water Flow [Abstract] [PPT] Tulaczyk


ASEP-Modeling [Abstract] [PPT] Johnson/Hulbe/Payne


Comments by Invited Guests  


WAIS Program: Activities, Actions and Needs Bindschadler
12:30 Adjorn  
  New High-resolution VIS/NIR Satellite Image Mosaics of Greenland and Antarctica: MOG and MOA [Abstract] Bohlander
  Evidence for rapid ice stream margin migration and sudden narrowing of Kamb Ice Stream, Antarctica [Abstract] [TIF] Catania
  IC, ICPMS and Water Isotope Measurements From the 2002 and 2003 US ITASE [Abstract] [PPT] Dixon
  Progress on Radiocarbon Dating of Antarctic Marine Sediments [Abstract] Domack
  The Importance of Small Ice Shelves to Inland Ice [Abstract] Dupont
  New aeromagnetic and aerogravity survey over the drainage basin of Pine Island Glacier [Abstract] [PPT] Ferraccioli
  An ultra wideband plane wave radar for mapping near-surface isochronous layers [Abstract] Gogineni
  Tectonics and glacial-marine sedimentation in Pine Island Bay: Survey plan of an upcoming RV Polarstern cruise [Abstract] Gohl
  The Holocene Radiocarbon Reservoir Effect in the Western Ross Sea [Abstract] Hall
  Relict Algal Mats at Reedy Glacier: Radiocarbon Dating at 86S; [Abstract] Hall
  Headwall Initiation of Ice Stream and Outlet Glacier Onsets: Evidence from Satellite Imagery [Abstract] [PDF] Hamilton
  Comparing velocity profiles of Byrd Glacier with a simple 2D flow model [Abstract][PPT] Hofstede
  Dynamics of the Grounding Line of Whillans Ice Stream [Abstract] Horgan
  Relating Longitudinal Tension, Basal Shear, and Side Shear To Ice-Bed Coupling Beneath Ice Streams[Abstract] Hughes
  Global Ice Sheet Mapping Orbiter [Abstract] [PDF] Jezek
  NRC Decadal Survey [DOC] Jezek
  Seismic Studies of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] McMahon
  Wideband Radars for Imaging the Bed and Mapping Internal Layers [Abstract] Paden
  Radar Wave Speed and Attenuation Studies Using Constant Midpoint Profiles on Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] Pettersson
  Ice-flow sensitivity to sticky spots, side shear, and buttressing [Abstract] Parizek
  Proposal for a Collaborative REU Site Program: REAL ICE - Research Experience in Antarctica Linking Ice and Climate Education [Abstract] [PPT] Pettit
  Flow and thickness history of Siple Dome, West Antarctica [Abstract] [PDF] Price
  Laboratory Study of Till Rheology [Abstract] Rathbun
  Self-organizing maps in review: recent applications in polar (paleo)climatology [Abstract] Reusch
  What ever happened to the Byrd "Snow Cruiser"? [Abstract] Scambos
  Forget WAIS, Totten is submarine too [Abstract] Shepherd
  ICESat Altimetry - Lots of Data, Lots of Details [Abstract] Shuman
  ASTER Imagery of Antarctica: Geographic Coverage, Data Availability and Glaciological Applications [Abstract] [PPT] Stearns
  Deglaciation of the southern Ellsworth Mountains, Weddell Sea Sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Todd
  Will Kamb Ice Stream Restart or Get Captured by Whillans Ice Stream? Preliminary Insights From Changes in Ice Surface Velocities in the UpC Area Between 1996 and 2004 [Abstract] Tulaczyk
  A most beautiful view of Antarctica for the IPY: the Landsat-7 mosaic [Abstract] [PDF] Vornberger
  Transition Flow of Ice Surrounding Subglacial Lake Vostok [Abstract] Wang