2007 WAIS Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, September 5

Time Topic Speaker
4:00 to 6:00  Registration  Main Building 
7:00 to 9:00  INFORMAL DINNER (Pizza and Drinks)  Cottage #1 

Thursday, September 6

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 BREAKFAST  Main Building 
8:00 Registration  Main Building 
9:00 Welcomes and Introductions  Main Building 
  Topic #1: Ice Shelves and Oceans 
9:30 First (1957-58) Geophysical Investigation of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf [Abstract] [Presentation] Behrendt 
9:45 Basement architecture and sedimentary cover in the Amundsen Sea Embayment: Parameters for reconstructing ice-sheet expansion? [Abstract] [Presentation] Gohl 
10:00 Transient Temperatures and Redoubtable Reticence in the Amundsen [Abstract] [Presentation] Jacobs 
10:15 Location and timing of Circumpolar Deep Water intrusions onto the Amundsen Sea continental shelf simulated with an isopycnic coordinate ocean model [Abstract] [Presentation] Jenkins 
10:30 The Filchner Ice Shelf Water Overflow [Abstract] [Presentation] Osterhus 
10:45 BREAK (30 min.) 
11:15 Modeling the impact of tidal currents on ocean circulation beneath Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf [Abstract] [Presentation] Makinson 
11:30 Oceanographic and Bathymetric Observations at the Ilulissat Ice Fjord [Abstract] Holland, D. 
11:45 The response of ice-shelf basal melting to variation in ocean temperature [Abstract] [Presentation] Holland, P. 
12:00 Poster Introductions (30 min.) 
12:30 LUNCH (90 min.) 
2:00 Effects of changes in the open ocean on the melting underneath the Ross Ice Shelf in a model of the Ross Sea [Abstract] [Presentation] Dinniman 
2:15 A calving law for ice shelves: spreading-rate control of calving rate [Abstract] [Presentation] Alley 
2:30 When iceberg calving matters: An investigation into the feedbacks between iceberg calving and dynamic changes in the flow of inland ice [Abstract] [Presentation] Bassis 
2:45 Ice-y Breakups: How I Lost My AMIGOS in Antarctica [Abstract] [Presentation] Scambos 
3:00 PANEL DISCUSSION (30 min.)  Plenary 
3:30 BREAK (30 min.) 
  Topic #2: Ice Stream Grounding Lines 
4:00 Radar attenuation and temperature near the grounding line of Whillans Ice Stream [Abstract] [Presentation] MacGregor 
4:15 Grounding line migration and ice shelf buttressing in a two-dimensional marine ice stream model [Abstract] [Presentation] Goldberg 
4:30 A Modern Analogy to Explain Relict Grounding Lines of Kamb Ice Stream, Antarctica [Abstract] [Presentation] Catania 
4:45 Treatment of grounding-line dynamics in ice sheet-shelf models [Abstract] [Presentation] Pollard 
5:00 PANEL DISCUSSION (30 min.)  Plenary 
5:30 BREAK (30 min.) 
6:00 DINNER  Main Building 

Friday, September 7

Time Topic Speaker
  Topic #3: Ice Stream Bases 
9:00 GPS measurements from Pine Island Glacier [Abstract] [Presentation] Scott 
9:15 Basal conditions on Pine Island Glacier [Abstract] [Presentation] Smith, A. 
9:30 A recent volcanic eruption in West Antarctica [Abstract] Corr 
9:45 Mapping West Antarctic subglacial processes using detailed basal morphology: Implications for Thwaites Glacier, based on knowledge gained from the Siple Coast [Abstract] [Presentation] Young 
10:00 The evolution of surface flow stripes and stratigraphic folds within Kamb Ice Stream -why don’t they match? [Abstract] Campbell 
10:15 BREAK (45 min.) 
11:00 Spatial Variation of Basal Conditions on Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] [Presentation] Jacobel 
11:15 How sticky are sticky spots? Constraints from passive seismic [Abstract] [Presentation] Winberry 
11:30 Decadal dynamics of basal conditions as viewed from the ice bulge on Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] Tulaczyk 
11:45 Subglacial lakes: They're (almost) everywhere [Abstract] [Presentation] Smith, B. 
12:00 A linked system of lakes on MacAyeal Ice Stream [Abstract] [Presentation] Fricker 
12:15 LUNCH (90 min.) 
1:45 Effects of the ice-stream basal conditions on its surface elevation. Cry for velocity data [Abstract] [Presentation] Sergienko 
2:00 Using inverse methods to recover basal velocities [Abstract] [Presentation] Truffer 
2:15 PANEL DISCUSSION (30 min.)  Plenary 
2:45 BREAK (30 min.) 
  Topic #4: Ice Sheets 
3:15 Advances in describing recent Antarctic climate variability [Abstract] [Presentation] Bromwich 
3:30 Antarctic ice mass fluxes from satellite observations and a regional climate model [Abstract] [Presentation] Bamber 
3:45 WAIS wasting in the Amundsen Sea Embayment since the Last Glacial Maximum [Abstract] [Presentation] Larter 
4:00 Solving for a history of ice thickness in the southern Ross Sea Embayment using inverse methods and surface-exposure ages [Abstract] [Presentation] Todd 
4:15 BREAK (30 min.) 
4:45 A preliminary cyclostratigraphic and paleo-environmental analysis of the new high-resolution McMurdo Ice Shelf (ANDRILL) drill core has implications for WAIS history and dynamics [Abstract] [Presentation] Powell 
5:00 What can ANDRILL tell us of long-term WAIS history? [Abstract] [Presentation] Scherer 
5:15 Antarctic Scientific Drilling: What, Where, and Why [Abstract] [Presentation] Rack 
5:30 BREAK (30 min.) 
6:00 DINNER  Main Building 

Saturday, September 8

Time Topic Speaker
8:30 Lost, but found: A large WAIS drainage basin existed in the southern Bellingshausen Sea during the last glacial period [Abstract] [Presentation] Hillenbrand 
8:45 Boundary conditions for a full-momentum solver: 1) The dilemma of sliding and 2) how do we do embedded models? [Abstract] [Presentation] Fastook 
9:00 Thermal Convection and the Origin of Ice Streams [Abstract] Hughes 
9:15 Tipping points: nonlinearity and hysteresis in ice sheets [Abstract] [Presentation] Schoof 
9:30 Millennial versus orbital influences on ice marginal fluctuation: the southern signal [Abstract] [Presentation] Vacco 
9:45 Ice sheets in the Community Climate System Model [Abstract] [Presentation] Lipscomb 
10:00 PANEL DISCUSSION (30 min.)  Plenary 
11:00 WAIS/FRISP business 
12:00 Adjourn   

Poster Session (Wednesday, September 21)

Topic Lead Author
A Monte Carlo Investigation of Inherited Cosmogenic Nuclides in Moraine Boulders [Abstract] Applegate 
Glacial history of the Ellsworth Mountains, Weddell Sea embayment, West Antarctica [Abstract] Bentley, M. 
Thickness and Structure of the Crust beneath the Thwaites Glacier Catchment, West Antarctica [Abstract] Diehl 
Numerical modeling of subglacial-sediment dynamics [Abstract] duBois 
When the Bough Breaks: Implementing an Empirical Calving Rule in a Dynamic Stream/Shelf Model [Abstract] Dupont 
Investigations of near-vertical subsurface structures near Swiss Camp, Greenland [Abstract] Greenbaum 
Progress towards an Image-Enhanced 250 m DEM for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet [Abstract] Haran 
Developing a long term strategy for using AUVs in polar research [Abstract] Heywood 
A model of tidally-dominated ocean processes near ice-shelf grounding lines [Abstract] Holland, P. 
Patterns of glacier response to disintegration of the Larsen B ice shelf, Antarctic Peninsula [Abstract] Hulbe 
LC-130 Deep Field Capabilities [Abstract] [Presentation] James 
First exposure ages from the Amundsen Sea embayment, West Antarctica: the Late Quaternary context for recent thinning of Pine Island, Smith and Pope Glaciers [Abstract] Johnson
The influence of sea-ice and the Ross Ice shelf on water properties [Abstract] Klinck 
Connections between meteorology and chemistry in surface snow: Clark Glacier, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica [Abstract] Kreutz 
Large scale modeling of ice flow for the entire Antarctica continent [Abstract] Larour 
A coupled ice/water flow model for West Antarctica [Abstract] LeBrocq 
Accumulation Rates Over the Thwaites Glacier Catchment, West Antarctica, Using Radar Reflection Layers [Abstract] Leuro 
Potential Vorticity Constraints on Buoyancy-Forced Circulation in Ice Shelf Cavities [Abstract] Little 
Opportunities (?) for Probabilistic Assessment of Ice Sheet Response to Climate Change [Abstract] Little 
Exposure ages from mountain dipsticks indicate little change in East Antarctic Ice Sheet thickness since the Last Glacial Maximum and stability from the mid Holocene [Abstract] Mackintosh 
Detection of in-situ ice fabric anisotropy using polarimetric radar method near WAIS Divide [Abstract] Matsuoka 
A sediment model and retreat history for the Ross Ice Shelf (Sheet) since the LGM [Abstract] McKay 
Sensitivity of ice-shelf/ocean interactions to vertical resolution and thermodynamic parameterizations in the ROMS model [Abstract] Mueller 
Bathymetry of the Amundsen Sea Continental Shelf [Abstract] Nitsche 
Bipolar Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation (BIAC) IPY Cluster # 23 [Abstract] Osterhus 
Focused SAR Processing of Airborne Radar Sounding Data from Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] Peters 
Basal conditions at two sticky spots along Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica [Abstract] Peters 
Cenozoic variations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: a model-data mismatch? [Abstract] Pollard 
High-salinity waters beneath the margin of the West Antarctic ice sheet - evidence from ANDRILL porwater studies [Abstract] Quintana-Krupinski 
ANDRILL's Education and Public Outreach Efforts [Abstract] Rack 
Significant Glacier Thinning (Or Not) in the Larsen B Embayment [Abstract] Shuman 
Ice shelf melting in the Amundsen Sea from oceanographic observations [Abstract] Shoosmith 
From shelf break to ice shelves: oceanographic observations in the Bellingshausen Sea, Summer 2007 [Abstract] Shoosmith 
Estimating the salinity of subglacial lakes from aerogeophysical data [Abstract] Studinger 
Development of an aerogeophysical imaging system for polar applications: Phase I: Gravimeter test flights to the North Pole [Abstract] Studinger 
Moho topography of the West Antarctic Rift System from inversion of aerogravity data: ramifications for geothermal heat flux and ice streaming [Abstract] Studinger 
Optical probing of glacial ice using short-pulse lasers [Abstract] Talghader 
Surface exposure ages from Reedy Glacier, Antarctica [Abstract] Todd 
The Science and Art of LIMA [Abstract] Vornberger 
Long-term Mass Balance of the Pacific Ocean Sector of Antarctica Based on Multisensor Fusion [Abstract] Yoon 
Comprehensive surface elevations for Thwaites Glacier: Results from AGASEA airborne laser altimetry [Abstract] Young