2004 WAIS Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, September 29, 2004    
2:00 to 6:00 Registration Floyd
7:00 Pizza, beer and snacks (cottage #1) Bindschadler
Thursday September 30, 2004    
8:00 Registration Floyd
8:30 Welcome and Agenda Review Bindschadler
8:45 NSF Remarks Palais/Borg
  Question #1."To the LGM and Beyond" - What more have we learned about Antarctic paleoclimate and ice sheet configuration prior to the Holocene and how is it relevant to the near-term future of the ice sheet?  
9:15 Perpetual Motion: The Fatal Flaw in Glaciology [Abstract] Hughes


Glacial history of Marie Byrd Land - from thousands to millions of years [Abstract] [PDF] Stone
9:45 Tradeoff between climate and thickness histories at Siple Dome during the past 25 ka [Abstract] [PPT] Waddington


Constraints on the magnitude and timing of post-LGM thinning at Siple Dome from thermomechanical flow modeling [Abstract] [PPT] Price
10:15 BREAK (30 min.)  


A Time Marker from the LGM Detected Throughout West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Jacobel


Post-LGM changes in ice stream tributary flow near Byrd Camp [Abstract] [PPT] Welch


Internal radar layers in central West Antarctica and their implications for Holocene ice sheet changes [Abstract] [PPT] Blankenship


Discussion of Question #1 (30 min.) PLENARY
12:00 Poster Introductions (1-2 min. each)  


Poster Viewing (15 min.)  
12:45 LUNCH (1 hr. 15 min.)  
  Question #2."WAIS Look-Alikes" - Are there good analogs to West Antarctic behavior elsewhere and what can we learn from these areas?  
2:00 Possible Role for Surficial Lakes in Meltwater Drainage through Cold Glaciers [Abstract] Alley
2:15 Modeling of glacial stagnation vs. glacial retreat [Abstract] [PPT] Vacco
2:30 Numerical modelling of the Eurasian ice sheet and its relevance to West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Siegert


WAIS Analogs in Greenland? [Abstract] [PPT] Joughin
3:00 BREAK (30 min.)  


A WAIS analog found on Mars polar cap [Abstract] [PPT] Wang


What happened to the volcanic debris erupted beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet? [Abstract] Behrendt


Self-help: ice streams retain more water by moving faster [Abstract] Bindschadler
4:15 Discussion of Question #2 (30 min.) PLENARY


International Polar Year (International Planning) [PPT] Bindschadler


International Polar Year (US Planning) [PDF] Albert


Plans for the 2004-05 Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica (AGASEA) [Abstract] Holt
5:30 Poster Viewing  
6:00 DINNER  
Friday, October 1, 2004    
  Question #3 "Wild, Wild West" - What is the latest on variability of the West Antarctic ice sheet and its environment during the Holocene (last 10,000, or so)?  


Environmental variability and change impacts on firn memory in West Antarctica [Abstract] [PDF] Albert


Antarctic temperatures since 1856 [Abstract] [PPT] Steig


Holocene Summer Temperature Increase in West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Das


Implications of the deuterium excess record from the Siple Dome ice core [Abstract] [PPT] Schilla
9:30 A 200-Year Sulfate Record from 16 Antarctic Ice Cores and Associations with Southern Ocean Sea Ice Extent [Abstract] [PPT] Dixon
9:45 West Antarctic Ice Core Chemistry and Self-Organizing Maps: A First Look [Abstract] [PPT] Reusch
10:00 BREAK (30 min.)  


Warm ocean is eroding West Antarctic ice sheet [Abstract] [PPT] Shepherd
10:45 Latest InSAR/ICESat/CECS-NASA results from Pine Island/Thwaites Glaciers, West Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Rignot


Basal ice accretion, availability of basal water, ice stream stoppage and potential restart of Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] Vogel
11:15 Dynamic significance of the flat-ice terrains in the mouth of Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] [PPT] Catania
11:30 Fast-flow signatures on Kamb Ice Stream [Abstract] [PPT] Conway


Flow-generated records in the Ross Ice Shelf: evidence for grounding line changes and past shutdown of Whillans Ice Stream [Abstract] [PPT] Fahnestock
12:00 Poster Viewing (30 min.)  
12:30 LUNCH (1 hr. 15 min.)  


Reconstructing late-Quaternary surface profiles of Reedy Glacier, Antarctica - 1 [PPT] Bromley
2:00 Reconstructing late-Quaternary surface profiles of Reedy Glacier, Antarctica - 2 [Abstract] [PPT] Todd
2:15 Apparent changes in the WAIS surface elevation, 2003-2004 [Abstract] [PPT] B. Smith


Better Physics in Embedded Models [Abstract] [PPT] Fastook


Discussion of Question #3 (30 min.) PLENARY


BREAK (30 min.)  
  Question #4. "Minutes to Millennia" - What time scales are most important in assessing the different influences on ice-stream motion?  
3:45 Does the Siple Dome Ice Core Provide Evidence of Abrupt Changes in Siple Coast Ice Dynamics? [Abstract] [PPT] Taylor


When Buttressing Matters: a sensitivity study [Abstract] [PDF] Dupont


Tidal Modulation of Siple Coast Ice Stream Flow [Abstract] [PPT] Bindschadler
4:30 Seismicity and slip of Whillans Ice Stream driven by neap- to spring-tide cycles [Abstract] [PDF] Anandakrishnan
4:45 Passive Seismic Observations of Ice Stream Motion Near the Siple Coast Grounding Line [Abstract] [PDF] Winberry


Is Anomalous Vertical Motion in WAIS Ice Streams Linked to Subglacial Water Transport? [Abstract] [PPT] Gray
5:15 Discussion of Question #4 (30 min.) PLENARY


Poster Viewing (30 min.)  
6:15 DINNER  
Saturday, October 2, 2004    
  Ten+ Years of WAIS Accomplishments  
8:30 Atmosphere [PPT] Bromwich 
8:45 A Decade of Frontier Oceanography: Achievments during WAIS [Abstract] [PPT] Holland
9:00 Geological record of WAIS Ice Stream History and Behavior: Ten Years of Marine Geological Research [PPT] Anderson
9:15 Terrestrial Geology [PDF] Stone


Ice Cores [PPT] Steig


Ice Dynamics [PPT] Alley
10:00 Biology [PPT] Berkman


Remote Sensing [PPT] Joughin


BREAK (30 min.)  


Comments by Invited Guests Gray


WAIS Program: Activities, Actions and Needs Bindschadler
12:00 Adjorn  
  Phase structure of radar stratigraphic horizons within Antarctic firn [Abstract] Arcone
  Changes in circulation, water mass distribution and ice shelf basal melting in the Ross Sea due to the presence of large icebergs [Abstract] Assmann
  Are Rifts Brittle Fractures? [Abstract] Bassis
  The AMPS archive: A resource for the Antarctic research community [Abstract] Bromwich
  Thickness changes on Whillans and Kamb Ice Streams from airborne laser altimetry and ICESat measurements [Abstract] Csatho
  Looking into ice shelf rifts with GLAS [Abstract] [JPEG] Fricker
  LGM Ice Surface Elevations along the Transantarctic Mountains Front [Abstract] Hall
  Spatial Patterns of mass balance of the Siple Coast and Amundsen Sea Basin, West Antarctica [Abstract] Hamilton
  Seismic stratigraphy of the Ross Island flexural moat under the McMurdo-Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica - A prognosis for ANDRILL drilling [Abstract] Horgan
  Description of the deformation till and reconstructed subglacial environments of the East Antarctic Ice sheet during the LGM at Skarvsnes, Lutzow-Holm Bay [Abstract] Iwasaki
  The near-surface signature of flow bands in the onset regions of Ice Streams C1b and D1, based on grids of GPR data [Abstract] King
  Spatial and Temporal Variation of the Characteristic Time Scale of Microwave Emission with Snow Properties over Antarctica [Abstract] [PPT] Koenig
  West Antarctic Balance Fluxes: Impact of smoothing, algorithm and topography [Abstract] LeBrocq
  Ice flow property derived from ICESat surface topography in West Antarctica [Abstract] Li
  Towards radar thermometry: an effective absorption temperature at Siple Dome [Abstract] MacGregor
  Spatial variability of stable isotope ratios in snow: How representative are ice cores? [Abstract] Neumann
  Insights into WAIS and GIS dynamics: Summary of modeling results [Abstract] Parizek
  Modelling the evolution of ice streams [Abstract] [PPT] Payne
  A Dilatant Till Layer Near the Onset Region of Bindschadler Ice Stream: Implications for the Onset of Streaming Ice Flow [Abstract] Peters
  Depth-age and annual layer-thickness scales for Siple Dome, West Antarctica: measurements versus predictions from ice-flow modeling [Abstract] Price
  Accelerating glacier flow on the warming Antarctic Peninsula [Abstract] Pritchard
  Institute Ice Stream: An analog to the Ross Embayment ice streams in the Ronne drainage [Abstract] Scambos
  Ice core evidence of 200 years of Antarctic climate change and its connections with the Southern Annular Mode [Abstract] Schneider
  "Clearing Up" ICESat Data over West Antarctica [Abstract] Shuman
  Lake Ellsworth: a candidate for Antarctic subglacial lake exploration [Abstract] [PDF] Siegert
  Ice stream onset regions, shear margins and basal conditions: Observations from Rutford Ice Stream [Abstract] [PDF] A. Smith
  RABID: Drilling to the bed of Rutford Ice Stream, 2004/05 [Abstract] [PDF] A. Smith
  Characterizing surface textures on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet [Abstract] [PPT] B. Smith
  Tracking an Ice-ochrone [Abstract] Spikes
  Relating Radarsat SAR backscatter variations to ice sheet surface conditions along the US ITASE Traverse [Abstract] L. Stearns
  High-resolution ice cores from US ITASE (West Antarctica): development and validation of chronologies and determination of precision and accuracy [Abstract] Steig
  Deglaciation of the southern Ellsworth Mountains, Weddell Sea Sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet [Abstract] Todd
  Magnetic properties of West Antarctic sediment [Abstract] Vogel
  New radar layers at Siple Dome and Engelhardt Ice Ridge? [Abstract] Winebrenner